Sunday, March 6, 2016

Lots of silk!!!

I finally got another presentation-worthy garment finished for the yearly ball!  I started this plain gown at the Burnley and Trowbridge workshop last fall, using some 36" wide white silk taffeta that I had in the stash.  I wish that I'd used thicker fabric in retrospect, but I think that this gown will be nice and versatile anyways.

I should have worn a tucker (and sleeve ruffles), but I spent so much time with the neck trim that I didn't have the energy.  I'll definitely have to make sure I add one next time I wear it, though...... Yikes...
Anyways, I wore it with a matching silk petticoat and breast knot made from fabric that I got on vacation to Paris, which made it really quite special.  The color is my favorite thing about the outfit.  I tried to put my hair up properly with Heirloom Hair Care's powder and pomade, but mine is so thin and fine that I gave up, put it over a long pillow and slapped one of my dirty old caps on it.  I was super bummed that I didn't get to use my big ostrich plumes.
Check out that bum!!!!!
Yeah!  Need a tucker ASAP.
Anyways, next time:  wear a shift with less bunchy sleeves (and preferably re-set the sleeves themselves), redo the shoulder straps to put the neckline at more of a right angle, add all the necessary ruffles.  I'm super jazzed about this gown! Thanks to the ladies of the millinery shop, Donna and Burnley and Trowbridge for the workshop.

Next up on the docket: going back to my sartorial roots: big hats and the glorious 1830s.