Saturday, October 15, 2016

A long-sleeved silk gown

I know that I'm late on the quarter backed italian gown train... In my defense, these sleeves are a menace to set and once Prelude to Victory was cancelled I lost all desire to work on them.  Here's my adaptation of a 1780's long-sleeved gown, at long last.
I used my chintz jacket as a template for this gown.  It's four pieces connected with Abby's patented gown stitch, with 'butterfly' sleeves (each sleeve is one piece, but it opens up into a Y at the elbow to accommodate the change in angle.)  I didn't trim it yet, although I plan to get some gauze onto it once I have the chance to.  I sort of like it plain too, though, and I can bring it up into the 1790s with various accessories if I want to.
This gown is a walking Vogue fabrics commercial!  The gown and petticoat silk are both from the home dec section.  The muslin millinery is courtesy of B&T and the facing is scrap silk from my stash.
Thanks for the pictures, Rebecca!!!!
 The front still needs to be taken in.  If I could have helped it I would have set the sleeves about 5 degrees more forward so that the bodice wouldn't be so wrinkled at the underarm, and I would have made the skirts longer - but I can just polonaise them up if I'm deeply unhappy about that.
Today's lesson: measure twice, cut once, piece it if you did it wrong!