Monday, April 3, 2017

A Short-Sleeved Silk Gown!

Hey! This won't be a full post because I've ripped the photos from other sources but I want to update you all on what I'm making. 
I guess I love italian gowns because I made another!  The grey one has some serious issues that need to be dealt with and I don't like re-doing things, but luckily enough B&T had a workshop that I was able to take where I made another one.  Sarah taught us how to draw out a quartered gown back and how to drape the rest.  
I worked with some brown silk I had from Vogue that I'd planned for an 1860s dress but decided at the last moment to use for this project, and I'm glad I did.  I'm probably getting more use out of it than I would otherwise.
These were taken by the lovely Angela (B&T) and are on their facebook page!
From the Colonial Williamsburg Friends facebook group
I'm working on a petticoat to match, and I'm planning on getting some nice buttons to loop up the train - maybe also some nice puckered cuffs eventually, too.
Later on - Megatron kigurumi (which might or might not end up here - it isn't particularly historic?)  I don't have a lot of events or time for sewing in the next month or so thanks to graduation, so we will see.  On a related note check out my etsy - I have my white silk gown up for sale and will be putting more up as the need arises.