Monday, April 3, 2017

A Short-Sleeved Silk Gown!

Hey! This won't be a full post because I've ripped the photos from other sources but I want to update you all on what I'm making. 
I guess I love italian gowns because I made another!  The grey one has some serious issues that need to be dealt with and I don't like re-doing things, but luckily enough B&T had a workshop that I was able to take where I made another one.  Sarah taught us how to draw out a quartered gown back and how to drape the rest.  
I worked with some brown silk I had from Vogue that I'd planned for an 1860s dress but decided at the last moment to use for this project, and I'm glad I did.  I'm probably getting more use out of it than I would otherwise.
These were taken by the lovely Angela (B&T) and are on their facebook page!
From the Colonial Williamsburg Friends facebook group
I'm working on a petticoat to match, and I'm planning on getting some nice buttons to loop up the train - maybe also some nice puckered cuffs eventually, too.
Later on - Megatron kigurumi (which might or might not end up here - it isn't particularly historic?)  I don't have a lot of events or time for sewing in the next month or so thanks to graduation, so we will see.  On a related note check out my etsy - I have my white silk gown up for sale and will be putting more up as the need arises.


  1. That is so lovely! The silk has the perfect crispness and body.
    Good luck with graduation!

    -The crazy girl in the plaid skirt who met you in the library while visiting W&M

    1. Thank you! It totally made my week to meet you. Good luck yourself!

  2. You make just the most beautiful gowns and accessorize to perfection! I am in awe of your talents, and that last photograph looks like a painting!!
    Best of luck to you with finals and graduation :)

  3. It's beautiful! The fabric looks so crispy and swooshy!