Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Finishing a UFO

I finally sewed something blog- and era-appropriate!  I did make myself a banyan for modern use, but it still needs some last additions.  I wanted to finish a late 1790s gown that I started last summer with fabric that I got near Sturbridge, especially since I have such nice memories of the place and time that I got it.  I thought the nice, lightweight sprigged cotton was very regency-esque.
I patterned this gown myself, basing the design on a gown in the OSV collections.  The original (which I can't show for copyright reasons) is made from a heavy dove grey silk-faced satin; the pleats are stunning and the gown itself is immaculate.  I took so many pictures of it so I could recreate it later.  
The gown is lined in linen.  The bodice lining closes separately with pins and the front is tied underneath the bust.  The hair is totally not accurate but I recently cut it short and didn't have much time to put it up so that's all I've got.  I'm wearing it over my old short stays and a linen shift, and my 1860s American Duchess ball shoes too, since most of my flats are not era appropriate.
It could use some minor alterations, including lengthening the hem and fixing the armscythe, but considering the fact that it almost didn't get finished I think it's pretty good.  It's also nice and cool for the summer, so I can stay cool while not going to the Jane Austen festival in KY. Thanks adulthood...
I'm going to finish my banyan and start on a few other small projects.  Hopefully this summer I'll get around to a 1880s inspired cosplay project and maybe some random historical piece as well!  We'll see how inspiration strikes.


  1. Love this print!

    Quick question: do you have any tips on how to avoid looking pregnant in this Regency style? I have an evening dress that is very similar to this with the drawstring across the front, and it's not awful, but not terribly flattering. Cheers from a fellow blogger who is also not going to the Jane Austen Festival! (and also just finished another Regency dress)

    1. Hey!
      I think the gravid look comes with the territory, unfortunately. That seemed to be, from most accounts, what they were going for. Maybe take out a little fullness in the front panel?

  2. Wonderful gown and you look lovely!

  3. The fabric and your dress are bith beautiful!
    Also: I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!