Thursday, July 13, 2017

FASHION banyan

I actually finished this project a while back, but I had to get my laptop repaired* so I didn't have access to the pictures.
This was supposed to be a present for my dad, but I liked the fabric way too much (don't worry, his version is pinned and ready to be sewn) so I decided to make it for myself instead.  It's a modern take on an 18th century banyan - a man's fitted wrapping gown - intended for modern use.  I blame Vincent (Mouse Borg Designs) for this.....damn cute banyans....
Take a look at this grown college graduate taking selfies!
It's a Colonial Williamsburg floral print with a matching stripe, lined with silk taffeta from a really nice furnishing store in Richmond (only got 4 yards 'cause it was ugly, but I wish I'd gotten enough for a proper gown...)
I used my 1860s bodice block and my 1780s gown sleeves as templates and winged it as I went along.  In retrospect I could have done a lot better at matching the size of the fashion fabric and lining to avoid hem weirdness, but there's nothing that I can do about that now, and the skirts are so full it's hard to tell.  I will probably need to reset the sleeves at some point to resolve armscythe weirdness, but it's surprisingly well-sitting considering the fact that I set them on myself and it usually turns out poorly.  I am considering putting self-fabric ties on it to hold it closed, but I also like wearing it open to show more of the garish lining.
Unfortunately it's too hot and heavy for summer wear but I'm looking forward to rocking light wash capris, wedges and a minimalist top with this in the early fall.
I hope you all look forward to seeing my dad in his wrapping gown when it's done. It's gonna be great!

*Coffee and computers do not mix.


  1. It's lovely! The fabric print is such a banyan-y design.
    I do indeed look forward to seeing the next banyan you make, and am delighted to be blamed for it!

  2. How does one follow your blog? Sorry for the lack of computer understanding.