Tuesday, August 8, 2017

FASHION wrapping gown

I've been promising to make my dad something for a long time, since he's always been so helpful and supportive of my sewing projects.  He and I are both morning people, so I thought that a nice wrapping gown to wear while we had our morning coffee would be appropriate and appreciated.
 The wrapping gown is just a big T-shape cut out of one continuous piece of 45" fabric, with extra length added on at the sleeves.  It's constructed just like a woman's bedgown in every other respect.  I decided not to give it a lot of volume, so there's only a slight angle on the side seams.  I also added silk satin cuffs and a tie to dress it up a bit.  I think it looks awesome, he seems to like it, and I hope he lets me dress him up more often!

The seams are all machine done and finished (I'm trying to get my sewing mojo back, but it's tough, guys).  I actually think it turned out perfectly - mostly thanks to it being so simple.
I'm currently in the middle of my next project, which might take a bit longer... a lot of silk bands to applique.  Totally worth it.


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