Sunday, August 4, 2013

A quick poll

(Which will probably be deleted in several days time, but I have a desperate need for opinions!)
So at the moment my 1840s bodice looks like this, but without the sleeves:
 What initially drew me to this style of dress was the brutal simplicity of the style that let the fabric quality shine; no silly doodads or lacey bits, just immaculate fit and quality fabric.
But I still have at least a yard of fabric left after making up the skirt, and I'm starting to think that I might like to put a pleated bertha on as well.
Something like this
Do you like it plain better? Or with a low bertha (like the one in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion?)  I don't think a detachable one will work, as in the 40s it would have been sewn into the sleeve seam.


  1. Hmmm....IMO I think the bertha. Since all the fabric is the same color/texture, there won't be distractions on the dress, but it will add a little bit of delicate interest. I love "plain" dresses, but in this case I think the bertha would be a good addition to the dress. Either way will be pretty though!
    ~Theresa :)

  2. Hmmm... I think a bertha would be nice for using the material up, but if you like it plain, maybe save the silk for another project. xD (This is coming from someone who has LOTS of extra material she doesn't know what to do with, all in different prints. These are 'extras' from different projects :P) so, if you don't want LOTS of extras hanging around, go bertha. It's nice and not too much. It still shows the nice material! xD I say go for the bertha.