Sunday, November 10, 2013

23 and me

Well, 23.5 if we're being exact.
If you all haven't noticed, I'm very vain about my waist size.
Pants-less and fierce.
I've been sewing away over our four day weekend, and here's the result (and yes, C, I honestly do believe that this is 'the one', thank you very much.)
It was about time that I got a new corset.  Although I'll still use the good old bosom wrangler for camp, this will be my formalwear stunner and my summer wear - it being only one layer, it's quite cool!
The stats:
Utensils: A bit of coutil, vintage cotton bias tape, surprisingly little boning.
Pattern:  Simplicity 2890, size 12 at the bust, >8 at the waist, 10 at the hips
Time: Less then a week
Result:  Happy!  I can get my waist down to 23" without any effort.  The bust is a bit floppy at the edges, probably due to lack of boning or (gasp!) being too large, but I can always stuff it if it annoys me too much.
All in all, I highly recommend the pattern and strongly suggest using coutil, as my experiences with twill prove that it is simply not substantial enough to stand up to any amount of tight lacing.  After making 4 before this, I can definitely tell a difference.  Can't wait to use this one!
Also, test out doing gussets if you've never done them before.  They're tricky.

Aaand I finally got around to cutting up and re-doing my stays so that I could actually fit into it without smooshing my noble prow, so that will probably get a post of its own eventually.
And I got the most amazing butternut yellow wool from Vogue when I went to get boning.  It's almost sheer and it feels like cotton.  If I get into W&M it'll become a Revwar dress and if not, it'll be my Civil War formal dress. 


  1. Oh wow! Like that corset! OMG are your legs REALLY tattooed all up?! :O


    1. Haha, they're just stockings! I'm not that pale. Actually, my sister has a pair that's flesh-toned with tattoo-style decoration, and she gets a few interested looks when she wears them.

  2. Oh my goodness F! You have certainly done an AMAZING job!!!!! You look so good in it, and the corset looks absolutely fabulous! I love the color of the ribbon as well. Perfect :). And I'm so glad you're happy with it! :D Hah, stuffing the bust is funny....I have to stuff my rib-cage when wearing my corset :P To say the least, I am insanely jealous of your new baby :D, as my corset fits me badly! I made it a 14 bust and hip (with enlarged back hip and bust gussets), 12 waist I think, (laced I'm 26" at the waist, not near as tiny as 23!!! :) btw, how many inches did it reduce your waist? Mine only takes off 2 :( no matter how hard we pull) but now I need a 20 bust and hip and 12 waist! ack. But it's so pretty!

    1. Thank you! c: I've had to stuff more corsets than I'm proud of saying. I guess I'm long waisted, so bust gussets tend to start about an inch lower than the bust... gasp!
      I don't actually know my natural waist size, erp, I only know my corseted measurements. Should probably find those out at some point. *hunts for measuring tape*

  3. Oh, and also, I'd love to see how you adjusted your stays...Mine have the same problem (though they are much too small in the bust anyways). And if you get accepted in W&M, send me an email as soon as you start working for CW!!! Though my mama says no to coming to the graduation ball, I will most certainly drive up to Virginia and stay a few days to see you there :) We could do some sewing, and walking about, and fabric shopping or something like that :D I'd LOVE to meet you in real life! And sorry again for writing so much every time on your blog :P

    1. You are too darling! I always love to hear from you. And I will be sure to (fingers crossed, sigh)