Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August flapper

I didn't think I would be sewing anything big until I move, but when the urge to sew comes on, it comes on very strong.
 And this is probably the last photo shoot I'll ever have in my house.... sad sad sad.
An old family friend gifted me her lovely vintage silk sari as a graduation present, and I thought for several days about what kind of dress I would make out of it, and how.  I had settled, reluctantly, on a regency dress, despite disliking most regency/sari remakes, when I stumbled upon Festive Attyre's free 1920s dress pattern.  Bam!  Quick, easy, good opportunity to use the fabric's natural placement.

Era:  Mid to late 20s, judging by waistline.

Fabric: Lovely silk sari, washed silk taffeta lining, 1000000 different kinds of thread.

Time: Less than 10 hours.  Hollaaaaa!

Pattern: Festive Attyre

Verdict:  Very unflattering (the style, not the make) but comfortable and quick, and it gives a good shape for the period.  Next time I'll make the bodice a bit more fitting (I did this without any muslin because I like to live life on the edge.)  Still not a big fan of the color, but I wanted to use the fabric for its sentimental value.  Would make again!

I am a discredit to my community.
Actually, girls in my community in the 1920s were known for being such vamps that a law was passed that allowed the police to arrest their parents for their daughter's indescretions.

Anyway, I'm going to Highland this weekend as my last event and then I'm flying to VA next week.  I will probably be taking a sewing break for a month or so depending on my schedule.


  1. I like the dress, F! And the colour looks fine on you! And wow about girls in your neighbourhood! lol

    Awesome! I hope you have a great time at college (make sure to get to class on time ;P) I'll be praying for you!