Monday, December 8, 2014

A long overdue riding habit

This, unfortunately, is the one case where waiting too long to finish something only diminishes my pleasure in it being done.  But it is perfectly alright now, and I can move on to the projects I put on the back burner!

What is it:  A riding habit from approximately the late 1760s.
Materials:  Wool from Burnley and Trowbridge.  In retrospect a plain weave was a poor choice; I think a twill/gaberdine would have been stiffer.  But there was a whole fiasco involving, and I just wanted a dealer I could trust.  The lining is linen except for the silk taffeta skirts, the thread cotton, the brass buttons also from B&T.
How long it took to make:  A very long time, working in increments.  I could have been done in a week or two, but I dragged it out until the end of the semester.  I also wore the petticoat for the halloween tours, and it was quite warm indeed.
Construction:  Roughly based on the Janet Arnold pattern, as well as a large cross-section of later 18th century riding habits.  I debated making the front one-piece, but ultimately decided to keep it as a separate bodice and skirt; I took the round collar off last minute because it kept flipping up.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take any construction pictures, but oh well.
Verdict?: I wish I had made this out of a twill so that the bodice wouldnt've been quite so disastrously wrinkled.  And the collar needs a little bit of work, and the hem could be taken up a few inches.  But overall it's surprisingly comfortable and cozy and I love the color and the buttons.
Secondary verdict:  It's sturdy enough to climb in!
With the boo....
I'm not quite sure what my next project will be, but I'm almost done with a 40's dress I made from my rejected wool and I have plenty of colonial/regency projects planned for local events and for when I get home for break.
I hope all my followers have a happy holiday!


  1. Oh it's gorgeous! Hope you're doing well in college!


  2. That is adorable F! It fits you well I think and you look so happy in it :) The color is simple gorgeous too. My dad is talking about letting us take a trip to Williamsburg late spring/early summer of next year so I might get to see you soon!

    1. Thank you, mate! Send me a line if you are, it would be lovely to get to meet you guys.

  3. Wonderful job and excellent use of a college campus! (And I do hope all is going well on that front!) I'm glad to see you were able to continue sewing in college (and what a wonderful place to be able to wear your dresses as well). :D

    1. Thanks! It really is a great place for photos, among other things. I'm lucky enough to have met friends with similar interests who want to go out into CW to have weird photoshoots with me during finals week.