Monday, February 9, 2015

Purple Spott'd Dress

I have finally had a chance to post a finished project that isn't a cap!  Unfortunately, I won't have pictures of me wearing it for a while (excepting ones of me working.)  But as I do not know when I will actually be able to get photos, here are a few of the finished product spread out over my lovely floor.

Fabric:  Burnley and Trowbridge cotton muslin, lined with linen and sewed with linen thread.  The tucker is silk organdy.
Period: Early 1770s
Time:  About a week, discounting the time that it took me to get the sleeves and shoulder pieces put on correctly (finally fixing a fitting issue that I have wrestled with for months)
Final verdict:  I have worn this gown several times and have grown very fond of it.  The fabric is light and malleable, and the purple print is beautifully crisp.  I want to make a nice new white kerchief and apron set with a crisp breast bow and a little chip hat for it - it looks so simple and clean!  
I had a few fitting issues, ranging from my failed attempts at altering for size, misbehaving back pieces, sleeve settings and the like.  Luckily, the fabric has stretched a bit to forgive my mistakes.  I did raise the neckline, as most of the dresses I've made from this pattern have been a little low for my tastes.  Next dress I make I'll make the bodice longer in the downward direction, as well.  I might make self fabric cuffs or ruffles with my 1/2 yard of extra fabric, but we'll see about that!

I'm making up something useful out of that terrible wool jacket and petticoat set I made a while back, but until such time as I am able to wear it I will probably be focusing on making smaller projects and expanding my repertoire of skills.  I hope you all are staying warm and having a good winter!


  1. Dear Frieda,
    You make just the most beautiful dresses!! What a lovely print - I am looking forward to seeing more pictures! Maybe even with some self fabric trim or a kerchief/apron set, I think those would look
    sharp. However, the dress as is with the ruffles along the neckline sure is elegant and stands out! You are so very talented!
    Anneliese :)

    1. Thank you! B&T put a few of it up on their facebook page and I'm too lazy to put them up here, haha.

  2. Just curious; how did you get into historical dressmaking and reenacting? Did your parents do it, or was it mostly driven by you?

    1. Hey! I gave a better explanation on a post a while ago, but in short, it was completely self driven. My parents have no opinion on the matter, other than that it means that I spend so much of my disposable income on fabric that I can't possibly spend it on anything less savory.
      I'm just interested in history in general, and it stems from that. And I like pretty things a lot. :-B