Saturday, June 13, 2015

Douglas Day 3: Douglas Harder

As you all know, I'm especially sentimentally attached to the late Senator Stephen Douglas.  Today, on the anniversary of his death, the SAD Association (of which I am now honorarily a part) held a wreath laying at his tomb in Bronzeville.  It's a beautiful park by the freeway, a few hundred meters from the lake, beautifully kept up and, of course, historically significant.
I thought that today would be as good as any to take my long-suffering friend to yet another (that's 3 so far!) Douglas-related event.
I present, Douglas day 3, which features a lot more official networking than the first two.
Awkward selfie? Awkward selfie.
 I wore the blue skirt from my ballgown over my white organdy graduation gown (which still miraculously fits!)  In addition, I made a pretty simple swiss waist; black silk taffeta with box pleated trim and a band of narrow velvet.  Unfortunately my bonnet ties are obscuring it but I was really pleased with how it turned out.
It was loosely based on this original from The Clothing Project on tumblr:
I altered my bodice pattern, shortening it and creating two deep points.  I wish I had taken the time to consolidate both bust darts into one princess seam like the original, and also wish that I could have added straps (I gave up halfway through pleating the trim for one.)
 I had my shawl and parasol and C had her chantilly lace shawl, so we made a very fine pair!  The SAD association president told us that we looked like we belonged in an impressionistic painting.
So here is to the memory of the late Senator Douglas.  I hope his past will help advance my future!


  1. So pwetty! SO Pwetty! SO very very pwetty! lol I love it! So gorgeous!

  2. Hello Frieda! You and your friend look amazing - what a fun outing!! You make just the most beautiful garments & inspire me so much! I've nominated you for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! (Link here: Have fun & keep inspiring us, Anneliese :)