Monday, May 16, 2016

Actual pictures, wouldn't you know!

Anyways, I'm happy to be home.  I didn't get around to making a late 60's beach outfit or bathing dress like I'd dreamed about last summer, but that's because in a week, I'm going to Massachusetts for an interpretative internship!  I'm really excited.  But the lake is beautiful at this time of year, so I pulled out my 1840s jacquard that never got a good photo shoot.  I rediscovered my love of photoediting, which hopefully explains the gratuitous filters.
I would ideally have a nice 1840's bonnet to go, but I don't have an event to go to that would necessitate making one.  I'm accessorizing with anachronistic pieces; a late 60s tilting parasol and lace shawl.  But I wanted to show them off!
Hey, that's a nice ol' lake over there, ain't it

As I wrote in my official post for this dress, it's a silk jacquard I got from my summer job, lined in cotton, done in a mid-late 1840s style.  Amazingly it still fits perfectly after a year, although it could have benefitted from an ironing (and the hem front still needs to be taken up! egads!)

If y'all want to use one of these for a gothic romance novel, at least ask me first.
I hope you all have a great summer!  I have some choice projects to share with you and I look forward to seeing what you all have put your hands to.


  1. That fabric is absolutely gorgeous! I love this dress. Stunning.

  2. Ahhh this is gorgeous. Would die for that jacquard. And it fits you beautifully!

  3. Excellent! (I also really love the previous post's dress. So happy to see what you come up with; it's very inspiring.)