Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots and lots of antique pics! (under the cut)

Want to see more pictures like this?  I found some pictures I took of the clothes at the historical society where I docent (and am supposedly organizing a clothes exhibition, but) and they're faboo.

 I've hesitantly dated this piece to the late 60's, given it's high waist and peplum style.  It's a wonderful teal blue silk taffeta with grey satin trim, eyelit and fringe trim, lots of bows and a polished cotton lining.  I also didn't photograph the skirt, which is 2 pieces and verrrrry heavily trimmed in a similar manner as the bodice.
 The adorbs cuffs /melts/
 Another cuff deet shot
 The closure-hooks and eyes with decorative buttons stitched (sloppily) on top
 More closure pics
 Only the top portion of the bodice is lined, the peplum is left unlined.
 Here you can see the construction as well as the waist tape.
 Trip application!
 The back tails
 and the same back, spread out.
 A dress that was dated as 40s, but I think is more of an early 60's. Some sort of printed silk with velvet trim and polished cotton lining.
 The cuff trim
 the boning sewn into the bust darts

 My favorite piece, which I haven't been able to date.  It says 60s, and it also said it was a wedding dress, but I don't know.  Made of many different types of silk.  The skirt, which I have pictures of, is very ruched and fancy and in very poor condition. :c
Deets shot of the interior finishing. 
 Here's an odd piece I found balled up in a box.  I thought that it was awfully interesting...
 Aaand the inside
A dress (possibly maternity?) from what I've decided is 1860-70 judging by the shape and fabric.
 My raison d'etre - a late 70's natural form wedding dress, made of gold silk (taffeta?)

I've got loads more pictures, send me a line if you want more of a specific garment.


  1. Where are you a docent at?

    1. The Oak Park River Forest Historical Society, I give tours and organize exhibitions.