Saturday, January 19, 2013

More antiques

I went to Vogue today and got boning for the corset, and found some AMAZING black cotton lawn with a woven stripe for 3$/yard and I got to snatch up a dress length.  I also talked with the woman who works at the Historical Society about the exhibition I'm organizing, and I've decided that since we only have a few mannequins I'll start the rotating show by focusing on Edwardian activewear (our village was established in the 30s, but only became an independent municipality on 1902 - we have LOTS of Edwardian things.)
I spent the whole time categorizing the collection and deciding which pieces to display, and I got even MORE PICTURES!!1!eleven!

 Here's a heavily gathered bodice.  I found it amongst some Edwardian blouses and I think it could be 1860's.  Off to ask the Sewing Academy ladies, I suppose.

It's a mixture of hand and machine work.  It's gathered to a self fabric waistband but extends several inches out from it.  The fabric is a stiff cotton, maybe organdy, and is in very good shape with only a tear at the bottom.

 The rows of ruching are attached to a backing of the same fabric behind the ruched portion of the bodice.

 There's interesting piping both at the shoulder seam and the dropped armscythe.
 This might explain why I found so many strange colonial-style dresses!
 An embroidered petticoat.. FROM 1836!!!  It appears to be cotton.  It's yoked and entirely hand-sewn, and shows little signs of wear but signs of poor storage (the waistband has no closure. Maybe it was pinned? :c )
 Here's for you embroidery aficionados-
And my absolute fave, which came from the same box as the 1836 petti-an AMAZING 1870-1880 mourning dress of silk taffeta, in perfect condition.  Black silk taff, lined in white cotton.


 Unfortunately, I didn't feel comfortable with putting the skirt up, as the waistband was deteriorating.  But the silk is in very good condition and the decoration is very well done.
 an inner shot of the tails
 And this last gem, a late victorian... riding bodice?  Edgy regular bodice? IDEK.  It's thick wool and it has a really, really tiny waist (less than 19"), and very asymmetrical.
And the nifty boning!  See how all of the seam allowances are scalloped and then encased in bias ribbon?  Think of all the work.
As usual, ask if you want more/better pictures.

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