Wednesday, February 6, 2013


So, I promised myself that I wouldn't make a new post until I actually had something finished to share.
Well... I'm breaking my own promise.  I have an excuse, though!  I'm making Cosette's wedding dress for our school production of Les Mis. So in a week or two, I'll have real, substantial progress to show to you, in finished form!  I'm excited not just to make it, but to not have to pay for the fabric.  *cackling*
So first up on the list of projects is my black sheer dress.  I used the TV pattern, with alterations, and.. um.. I don't think it's designed for ladies as endowed in the bust area as I am.  The lining is getting pulled to full capacity, and because I know so little about alterations, I don't know how to fix it.  GNAR.  Well, here it is, without closure.  It's entirely hand sewn except for the skirt seams, and yes, that means the pintucks too.  
Ignore the obvious pinning... and strange bodice pooching..

Lookin' like Russel Crowe.

You can almost see the half-lining here

Looking a bit miffed here.  Probably because I just impaled my hand on the pin holding the skirt closed.
I also hemmed a fichu I made from leftover Garibaldi blouse.  I do believe you can see my rolled hem improving in stages around its perimeter!  I also made a pair of batiste undersleeves from ballgown scraps, because honestly, you can never have too many pairs of undersleeves.

Note the classy presidential pez dispensers in the background.  Quincy, Jackson, Van Buren.. the whole gang.
I also got around to taking pictures of the finished Palm Sunday bodice.  I'm debating putting pleated velvet ribbon around the neckline.  Hm.

You can see, about 3/4 inch too big at the waist... Gnar.
Scri wants to help c:
 In getting fabric for Cosette's wedding dress, I also found the BEST FABRIC EVER, for $15 - that's 54" silk taffeta right there.

 And of course, reenactorfest.  I could only go for a couple of hours, but I had gobs of fun and bought a couple of necessities from a vendor who looked VERY much like Henry Clay, and I might have engaged in a bit of flirting tactics.

But really, who would be able to resist?

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