Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rolling up my sleeves

Well, I've certainly been putting off a lot of costume work lately.  Which sucks, because I still have to do an awful lot for my concentration.  But... I DID do SOME work, don't think that I've been slacking off in my duties as a costumer.
I finally finished the black sheer for good until I can get some black buttons, but I might just have the upper layer pin closed.  Haven't decided yet.
And the reason for most of my problems - Cosette's wedding dress!... Which I got really bad pictures of.  I apologize - it looks much, much better on Cosette.  Our production was marvy, if I may say so myself, and I quite forgot to snap a few of it in action.  It didn't fall apart on stage, though, and that's all that matters. c:

Classily sidewards.

The front!  The back looks similar to this.

The sleeves!

My very first time pleating sans pattern.
So, this was my first experience draping.  It was... interesting.  I ended up using a pillow as a dress form in lieu of an actual one.  Somehow I don't think she'd be flattered by seeing that I compared her body type to that of a decorative throw cushion.  (I did give it tissue paper boobs, though, so.)
See maniacal grin.
I'm also starting my very second foray into millinery.  I'm making a bonnet for my dearie dear and long suffering C!  I'm using the same pattern I used for the pink one, but I'm making a plainer style.  And then, of course, comes the trimming.
The frame
The inner frame, with the wires.
I used fusable interfacing instead of crinoline to cover the frame so that I could fuse it to the buckram and make a smoother line.  I highly doubt that the bonnet will be otherwise exposed to iron heat.. I hope..
Also, when I made the first bonnet, I used wire that I found lying around, which was about coat hanger consistency, and it took me all night to bend the wires.  I actually used 20 gauge millinery wire this time, and it works like a dream.  I make things so hard for myself sometimes. /sigh/
 The fabric that I'm using is a pale gold-yellow silk taffeta that I got for Christmas.  It'll go wonderfully with my dark-haired friend.  Unfortunately it also shows marks well, and the art room isn't necessarily the cleanest place.  Gnar.

With the brim fabric put on - I'm going to line it at the very end.  Most bonnets weren't lined, but I prefer having a finished look.

And where I am now!

My mother, being the saint that she is, is letting us go down to VA on our spring break college trip.  William and Mary is my dream school, but I'm from out-of-state so my chances are fairly low despite my good academic standing.  But of course the main reason I'm excited is so that I can see W-burg again!  I went last summer with my marvelously farby 1770 polonaise.  Now, I have several excuses to make a real 1770 working class dress!  And I have fabric and a pattern!  /glee
That's my next project, anyways.  That, a black 1860 sporting hat, and an 1830's corded corset/sleeve plumper combo (you can see the pattern in a couple of the pics.)
Gnar, I have a lot of work to do. 

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