Thursday, March 28, 2013

A quick update

School's been mad lately, so I haven't had an opportunity to work a lot.  I did, however, teach myself how to box-pleat an entire skirt, which I'll post pictures of later.. /plots/  April 14, Chicagoland people - C and I are going up to a Douglas/Lincoln debate reenactment with Tim Connors as Douglas *look him up on youtube) and we're going in period attire and maybe having a picnic at his memorial beforehand.  If you come, I'll give you one of my custom printed silk Douglas campaign ribbons...
And now I'm doing my Grand Tour of the East Coast for purposes of College stuff, so that's not making the problem any better.  Traveling always turns me into a nervy spaz and I have panic attacks and get sleep-deprived and that's never fun.  I also have to miss a couple of days of school, which is hard on me because, considering my physics grade at the moment, I need every minute of tutelage that I can get.
But every cloud has a silver lining!  Driving from New York to Virginia to North of New York has given me some great opportunities.  As well as seeing some gorgey college campuses (Princeton, Swarthmore, Haverford, WILLIAM AND MARY) I got to see some tourist attractions - I saw the capitol building for about 3 seconds and I got to stop off at Gettysburg for a few minutes on the way back up.  No pictures, though, unfortunately.  I'm rally dropping the ball on that count, aren't I?
I also cajoled my parents into letting me spend the morning in Williamsburg and, I'll say again, I'm in love.  I hope I get into William and Mary SO BADLY - I can sew, I can dance, I can learn quickly, I think I'd be a shoo-in if I wanted to intern in some capacity there. I also sat in on an American history class where we were learning about John Tyler and Jackson's federal policies, which is my absolute forte in American history.  I was the only one answering questions in a room of college students. c:
As well as getting a large collection of stockings in Williamsburg, my mum also made (and I mean made) me accept a pair of Fugawee shoes that happened to be in my size.  And after 2 days of wearing them I can say for sure that they're the comfiest shoes that I've EVER worn, modern or otherwise.  Even at 5'7, the heels don't make me a giant, and they're slip-on!
To accentuate my shapely calves, of course
Worst picture ever.  Casually sidewards - entirely hand sewn chemisette with a ruched strip, and matching undersleeves.  It's sooper fancy.

And then I found a store in Providence selling Silk Duchesse Satin for $10 a yard - I'm not crazy for the feel of it, but considering that it retails for $70 on vogue, I decided that beggars can't be choosers.  Besides, it's beauts - 1840s wedding dress, anybody?
yes yesyesyesyesyesyes

Chilling with bros, circa 1920s.

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