Sunday, May 19, 2013

From Farb to... Fab?

So I'm still alive, and still sewing, despite my school schedule - I thought I'd organize a list of what I still need to work on before the Athenaeum:

- finish buttonholes and re-set sleeves for my post-APortfolio surprise
- finish new chemise and overhoop petti
- wool 1860s dress
- re-do black silk sleeves
- closure for the black sheer

Yeah... All that in a month or so.  And I do so hate doing buttonholes on a sheer that frays as easily as my surprise dress does.  :c

In better news, I've had a complete failure trying to make an 1860's hat out of straw.  I think I'll leave it to the professionals.  I did, however, pick up a straw hat from the resale shop where I usually get my gloves from - it looked a little strange and didn't quite fit my big stupid head, but I thought it had potential.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take the 'before' pictures - just imagine the crown being ~1.5 inches higher.  I cut it off and cut it down a bit and sewed it back onto the brim...

and covering the jointure with thin cotton grosgrain ribbon sewed on with silk thread.
 Then came the fun part - I decorated it with some silk ribbon that I had lying around, some paper roses I got from Michael's, a blue ribbon from Ian's scrap stash and an antique lace lappet that I've been wanting to use from some time, and that I absolutely adore.

Endless admiration for people who can take flattering selfies.  I look really terrified.
 I tried to shape the brim by wetting it and holding it down for a couple of hours, but t didn't work too well.  I might just give in and end up wiring it to get the proper shape.

Aaaand I'll probably have to get a different color of elastic.  Or maybe I'll just pin it on, erp.

So I went from a questionable straw pith helmet to... Something vaguely in line with 1850s-1860s fashion!  It feels sooooo good to have headwear that's not bubblegum pink.

Update:  The brim has been wired!  Glory glory hallelujah!

Now 30% more accurate of a shape!
 And I'll get around to changing out the elastic for a darker type and I'm debating cutting up a piece of lesser-quality chantilly lace that I have to tack to the brim like a sunshade.

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