Monday, May 27, 2013

It's the time of year for sheer!

Photo credits to R. Winslow c:  Lizzy and I at ECD

And as school is almost out, I thought that I'd indulge my love of sheers and finish up my post-AP surprise project.  So here it is!

Do you think that Stephen Douglas would approve?
 It's  very sheer cotton silk.  I took these pictures after midday ECD, in which I put several holes through the hem. :c
I made it with my usual bodice base pattern, without swinging out the side seams (I only wanted a subtle gather) and the sleeves are double puffed.  I also made a pair of detachable self-fabric undersleeves to match the original, but they don't have any closure yet so I'm not wearing them in these pictures - it's far too hot for them, anyways.  I debated doing a hem facing, but decided that the fabric was too light and many originals didn't have one, anyway.

Showing off my swaggin' hat

 The back seams are overstitched for a neater look.  I never got around to doing the same treatment for the side seams, though...

Ugh!  The buttons took forever and it took me a very long time to figure out HOW to do them when the sheer was so prone to fraying and ripping.  Eventually I figured out how, but not before the bottom buttonholes ended up a bit janky.  At least I had a new show to watch to keep me occupied, though I feel that getting into Supernatural with finals coming up is going to be a bad idea.

In other news, I got some wool/silk blend to make a middle/lower class dress. I'm also making myself a new set of underclothes (my petti is very short, you can see,) all by hand, of course.   Next time I update it'll probably be about Tennessee! 


  1. YOU are adorable! I like the work that Ive seen! I would love to watch your progress! I hope that you will also follow our blog @ Victorian needle!

  2. This is one of my favorite dresses you have made!! Beautiful work! :) It goes very nice with your skin tone and hair.