Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Making some fun for myself in Minnesota

I'm making a family trip up north, and an eight and a half hour car trip necessitates some way to pass the time.  So, hand-stitching it is.
I won't give any spoilers about what I'm making, but if it turns out (after many fitting fiascos) I'll wear it to this weekend's Days of Napoleon reenactment.  I've done some figuring, and I have a skin-out outfit that is ENTIRELY hand sewn!
Here's a little picture of the lining and my teensy weensy backstitches.  I was really, really bored.
But one notable commodity that they do have in Northfield, Minnesota, is antique stores!  There's really nothing better than the anticipation of going into a really great looking antique store.  Ugh, it's wonderful...

 First, an antique parasol/umbrella - I need to remove and clean the cover and cut down the handle.  It's newer then several they had there, but my mom liked this one better and, well, she had the  credit card.
Pretty colors!

 And, to my delight, several Victorian needle-books, like in Anna Worden Bauersmith's books.
 This one is teal watered silk-

 This one still has needles in it-

 I got this 1880's ladies magazine for 4$! (I love going up to the cashier to buy something heinously underpriced.   I get a little warm feeling inside.)
 I'll post something about Days of Napopo, and then after that is the Athenaeum Rectory, I promise.


  1. oooh, I love the little back stitches! An entire hand-sewn outfit really is quite fun-I'm almost done with an entire hand-sewn regency get up :D And I almost bought the fabric you're stitches are on it that pic but they didn't have enough left :/. Good find on the needle cases and the parasol! It looks almost like it would match your sheer dress :)
    Theresa :)

    1. I snatched up some of that fabric on sale for a civil war camp dress so I had some left over. It was a real everything-but-the-kitchen-sink project, I only had to supply the (thrifted) wool and whala! I don't know exactly when the needle cases are from but I thought that they'd make a nice addition. And hey, you can never have too many pink accessories, eh?

  2. haha, nice! I wanted the fabric to make a civil war dress for one of my little sisters but 3 yards wasn't enough. :P If the needle cases are from like 1870 or something, and if you're using them for 1860's just tell everyone to look the other way :D I think they're fabulous! And nah, I think you should go for pink shoes next :).
    Theresa :)