Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fauve in Furs

The rest of my family has finally returned from the sunny shores back to the frigid lands of suburban Chicago, so I was able to convince my papa to take a few pictures of me in my new paletot and vintage for capelet in the 7 inch deep snow and 10 degree weather (isn't he a doll!)
My muff was left out in the rain last year, and hasn't since re-acquired its floppy softness.  But doesn't it look pretty!
Showing off my very snowy Robert Lands and flannel drawers
Ignore the... uh... telegraph wires.
I wish that I had had the time to enter this into American Duchess' photo contest... oh well.
I look a wee bit homicidal. But isn't my pallor fashionable!
All in all, I don't think that I'll put fur on the cuffs, but I will DEFINITELY change the collar into a standing collar.  As it is, it simply isn't cooperating, and it won't take too long either.
Huzzah for decent selfies!


  1. It's so sweet Miss Fauve :P! Red is my favorite color and that fur compliments is perfectly! :) Your pallor is fashionable indeed :) I'm tan and freckled, not very fashionable I'm afraid. I don't see any thing wrong with the sleeves. I feel ya on the fur thing...I've got a mink stole and I almost can't bring myself to wear it. I'm just curious, are you a vegetarian? I love eating bacon and turkey burgers too much for that, but I have several friends that are.
    I find it funny that you are like, complaining about all the snow, and down here we just go nuts if it even starts to flurry :P We get it once a year, like 3-4", if at all.

    1. Yup, veggie for life! (or since middle school... or whenever we go out to Dim Sum, because I love me some steamed pork buns...) I'm pale because I have no social life and hate going into the sun, haha!
      Yes, us Chicagoans have been forced to adapt to bad snow conditions. My freshman year saw about 4 feet in one night, and that was the first time we'd closed the school for snow in almost a hundred years! I honestly don't mind it, I still get as excited as a little kid whenever it starts coming down!

  2. Also, do you call him Papa in real life? If so that's so sweet, I love the term Papa :).

    1. It sounds so classy to say paPAH and maMAH. It reminds me a little bit of Little House on the Prairie, even though that's only Pa and Ma.

    2. I call my mom mama and sometimes mum but I call my dad daddy. I love lHOP :)

    3. I call my dad papa sometimes... I call him sir, too... guess where I've spent most of my life? ;) LOL I call my mom mum sometimes too :) but I also use ma and pa! ROFL Pwetty Pwetty, Frieda! ♥