Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A merry christmas to all!

The best present I cold have gotten was an end to finals.  Huzzah!

But a lot of time to sew and watch terrible adaptations of sub-par Lincoln novels (I'm looking at you, Gore Vidal) is also very appreciated.

So when I was visiting St. L (my hometown, yo) we stopped by a quilt store and I got some lovely ochre CW repro fabric.  However, there were only 4 yards available, so I decided to make a regency dress instead because my usual 1812 one is awfully farby and in need of a revamp.  The fabric monster in me told me to buy it, and it sort of leapt into my hands!

Not going to lie, I have some pretty A+ selfies
 Just the basics:
Pattern: Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion (but fudged a lot)
Fabric:  Cotton print, linen
Time:  About 2 weeks, on and off, but it's all handsewn and I had some major fitting issues.
What I would change?: The sleeves came out wonky and the back gapes a bit, so I'll have to fix that before I wear it in public.

also note my creepy new/old vintage mannequin from my dear neighbor...

Also, we had a regency ball last week, so I thought that I'd post some pictures of my sad old regency ballgown...  Ohhh, the memories I have of this thing.  I need to seriously re-do the back before I wear it again, as it is literally ripping apart at the moment.  But it's such a lovely silk taffeta!
Sorry the quality is terrible... Here's a group shot of the youth brigade, though.
Also, if anybody wants a tutorial for paper-curling their hair, please don't hesitate to ask!  It's super fun and easy.
Merry Christmas!


  1. MEWWY CHWISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL You look beautiful, dear! :) LOVE that yellow dress! ♥

    1. Thank you, my darling! And to you, too!

  2. I am very inspired F! I've just picked up 4 1/4 yards of brilliantly red lightweight checked cotton for a Regency dress myself...and was seriously worried if it would be enough or not. But considering you're MUCH taller than me :) and you managed so beautifully I'm feeling very content :D. Your dress is SO pretty! It's fits you nicely too! What stays are you wearing under it? I just love your curls as well :) I would like a tutorial on paper curling, thank you :D
    What a nice little dancing party you've got there! (I must say...your dress is by far the prettiest of them all!) I have some friends in the orchestra here and whenever I see a harp I think of ya.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I only made the skirt 2 panels, which I was worried about, but it ended up being quite full enough, and I even had a bit extra to use for reenacting Christmas presents. I'm wearing my short stays, which need to be re-made but they're the only regency things that I have at the moment, eheheh..
      Paper curling is my new best friend. Awesome curls every tie without any heat or product!

    2. Well short stays is better than nothing....I am currently just wearing a modern bra :P And yay for the curls...I don't use irons or blow dryers or product (well hairspray and gel for the victory rolls) so that should be good :).

  3. Aah, you are so very talented! Your new dress is gorgeous! Such pretty fabric! Wishing you much joy throughout the holiday season, Anneliese :)

    1. Many thanks, friend, to you as well!