Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas presents!

Ooooh, it's cold out.  That's what we get for living in Chicago, I suppose!
I've spent the last week inside re-sewing my paletot and starting my Revwar kit and also, until our Christmas party, sewing Christmas presents for the gang.  So in lieu of clothing (I am almost! finished! with my revwar dress!) here are the sewing implements I made for the friendsters.
A housewife for the man-friend, made entirely from repro fabric from a pattern that I made up the minute before I cut it out.  A nifty little project!
A little needle case from Anna Worden Bauersmith's pattern, made up in silk.  I'm pretty jazzed with how this turned out, though it took as long as the other two put together.
Another needle case, made from silk brocade and taffeta with metallic trim.  I ended up just gluing the fabric to the board out of frustration... But I like it an awful lot nonetheless.
I also made a little reticule for C, but I didn't photograph it because I didn't want her to see it before she received it, erp...
Happy belated holidays, friends, and stay warm!


  1. How sweet! :-) I like the man friend's housewife the best...but I do believe it might be 'cause of that fabric :-) . The needle cases are so cute!!!!
    P.s. we will get to see pictures of C's reticule, right?

    1. Thanks! I know, I like it so well I want to make one for myself. Oh, to have the time to do something like that!
      (probably not, it isn't very interesting at all though, just yellow silk with a little flower embroidered on it)

  2. Oh those are adorable! :D Oh yeah I like the housewife, too :) The fabric ;) that's what you made that camp dress out of isn't it? :D I want to see pics of the reticule, too! :D I bet it's beautiful! :)


    1. Thank you! Actually, the main fabric is a fat quarter I got from the quilt shop in St. Louis that carried a lot of repro fabric, but one of the pockets is the camp dress fabric.