Monday, January 27, 2014

Frilly lace fichu

I have done something very, very selfish.

I have not worked on my Revwar kit.

I have not made something suitable for a lower-class impression.

I have, however, made a move towards de-stashing my truly awe inspiring lace bin!  And I've watched Firefly, Serenity, caught up with Supernatural, and started Battlestar Galactica!

And look at this cool fichu that I made!  (thank goodness for snow days.)

 This fichu was based on this original from approximately 1860 (from the latter half, I presume:)

My version has several more layers of insertion lace and, due to my lack of thin black lace, there is tasseled silk trim instead.
The underside - a back seam and two tucks
The back

And the whole, badly centered package.
Just the facts:

Pattern: self drafted.

Materials:  Insertion lace, lace, silk trim, think silk ribbon, velvet ribbon.

Time: A very long time.  At least 2 days straight of work.

What I would do differently:  Uh... not do it, aheh?  It took a really, really long time.  But I did learn how to sew together insertion lace, as well as the value of patience.  And hopefully this is going to look really nice for ECD, or wherever I get to wear it...

And now I'm going to do a lot of sewing grunt work, at least until Military History fest next weekend.  Got to kit up for W&M!


  1. That's beautiful!! *faints* :) The ribbon insertion has bound to be my favourite part.. though that lace is just stunning. The whole thing looks almost just like the one you pinned-in fact I think I even like yours better :). Great job F!

    1. Thank you, my darling! I saw it on pinterest and it stuck in my mind, demanding me to make it... And I had a ball of insertion lace the size of a small child's head, so I thought, why not?

  2. BEEAUTIFUL! lol I like it, Frieda! I LOVE IT! lol I haven't been sewing anything historic like that.. just started my 1950's dress :) That is beautiful, though!