Saturday, February 8, 2014

My first 'good' dress

Naught but the most quality selfies in 3 feet of northeastern snow.
I finished my second Revwar dress this week, which I'm pretty gosh darn proud of.
 Just the basics:
Year: Roughly 1770
Fabric: Williamsburg collection cotton print, linen lining, petticoat of unknown and unknowable organic origin, cotton and linen thread.
Pattern: My usual JP Ryan pattern
Time:  About a week and a half, working all day in class, entirely handsewn.
What I would change:  I might re-set the sleeves, but at least they're long enough.  And I want to re-do the pleats and make them smaller, and make a matching petticoat if I have enough fabric left.

I also went to Reenactorfest last weekend, which was an absolute blast- I wish that I'd brought my camera, but we had all sorts of high-energy fun and met some wonderful people, and I spent a lot more than I should have.  For instance, this lovely (and unironed) short cloak, a lot of period makeup from the lovely litttlebits, and a lot of fabric, notions and patterns from various and sundry sources.

And here are some detailed shots of the dress itself as a closing statement:
 The inner lining with the en fourreau pleats tacked down
 The skirt pleats, which are tacked on then overstitched.
The shoulder-piece, which is overstitched down on top of the sleeve cap.  (and also a bit of basting thread, whoops.)


  1. Very pretty, Frieda! :) When do you leave for College? Or are you already there? lol I can't remember! But very beautiful! I wish I had the talent you do :)



    1. Thank you, my dear! I'm starting in August for fall semester.

  2. Dear Frieda,
    Golly, I wish I had the right words to describe how beautiful your dress is (and just everything you make)! I am speechless. I could totally see this with a soft gold or pretty sage petticoat. Splendid.
    Anneliese :)

    1. By the stitched this in only a week and a half. *jaw drops* All I've managed to do is cut out a pattern and dream about when I'll have the skills to make something pretty. I am so impressed by your talent.

    2. Thank you so much, darling! I was surprised by how quickly I banged it out, too. We had an unprecedented (for Chicago, anyways) 2 weather-related off days in school so I did a lot of sewing.

  3. Your talent is amazing! And I love the first photo! :)

    1. Thank you! That's the one I put up on fb. I'm very happy that my snow-in-my-shoes induced flailing produced a pretty comedic picture.

  4. It's lovely F! and I really like how you put a striped petti with it. Looks great :) They are going to love you in Williamsburg, I'm sure of it!