Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1770s basics

Alright... This is not going to be a 'sexy' post in terms of fun or fancy clothing.  I just wanted to show off my fun new undergarment, that's all! I apologize for the lack of posts of late; I feel like I'm working on 10 projects, all at once.  As well as this, I've been fixing and altering a lot of my older stuff.
I've finally gotten around to making a decent Revwar chemise, though!
Sorry, no risque on-the-model pictures
 Just the facts:

Materials: Linen, cotton thread.

Pattern:, drafted to my measurements

Time: about a week and a half, which is a really long time for me, but all of those hand sewn flat felled seams eat up time like nobody's business.

Period: 1740-1780, probably.

What I'll do differently next time:  Use a lighter weight linen and linen thread, and make the armholes a loooooot bigger, erp.

 I'm inordinately proud of my stitching, though.  This is a running stitch on the hem.
 The neckline, with the binding.

 The triangular sleeve gusset

And the big frickin' side gusset.  Sigh.

While waiting for the linen to come, I ended up re-doing my paletot yet again so that it looks a little more presentable.
argh.... I look like crap... I apologize.
 I changed the collar to a standing collar and neatened out the shoulders (though it still puffs out a bit on one side thanks to my not basting it before I sewed it,) re-set the trim on the ends so that it didn't bubble out and FINALLY put on some fur cuffs!
 Nee hee hee, I love them so much!
And the full thing.

Right now, I'm working on re-doing my black silk 1860s dress as well as making a reallllllly fancy 860s lace fichu to clean out some of my lace stash, and then on to a black silk Revwar bonnet, then my chintz cotton print dress.... The list never ends....


  1. I love the shift F! :) Mine only has 2 gores total, but next time I think I'll do 4 like yours. Pretty :). You are quite skilled in hand sewing! All your stitches look so neat and even mine think they've joined some wacko group and just gone their own way. :P Congrats on the improved paletot as well!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I love sewing in school. It makes me feel productive, unlike my schoolwork does! But I do not think I will want to make another one any time soon....

  2. Wow! So many pretty projects (handsewn too *amazed*) here and to come! Where in the world do you find the time? I am just so impressed with your skills and in love with your new striped gown. Can't wait to see what you sew next!
    Anneliese :)

    1. Many thanks, friend! I sew in school, which is 90% of the reason why everything's by hand, not going to lie. Only one teacher in 3 years has objected yet!

  3. WOW IN SCHOOL?! I'm homeschooled and I can't :P I love your hand stitching, Frieda! It's beautiful! I love your improvement to your paletot as well! It is so much more beautiful with the fur cuffs and stand up collar! It's darling on you! Your projects are so stunning! I wish I could sew like you! LOL


    1. Thank you, darling! Yeah, it actually helps me to be doing something with my hands. When I'm not sewing I'm doodling or practicing cursive, so it doesn't make a really big difference to me.