Saturday, January 19, 2013

More antiques

I went to Vogue today and got boning for the corset, and found some AMAZING black cotton lawn with a woven stripe for 3$/yard and I got to snatch up a dress length.  I also talked with the woman who works at the Historical Society about the exhibition I'm organizing, and I've decided that since we only have a few mannequins I'll start the rotating show by focusing on Edwardian activewear (our village was established in the 30s, but only became an independent municipality on 1902 - we have LOTS of Edwardian things.)
I spent the whole time categorizing the collection and deciding which pieces to display, and I got even MORE PICTURES!!1!eleven!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots and lots of antique pics! (under the cut)

Want to see more pictures like this?  I found some pictures I took of the clothes at the historical society where I docent (and am supposedly organizing a clothes exhibition, but) and they're faboo.