Saturday, May 24, 2014

My oft-repurposed silk

Despite this fabric's tendency to get horribly, uncleanably stained, I really do love it.  And that's why I took apart my 1840s dress to use the skirt for something that I would actually, you know, wear once in a while.
I like that this picture makes me look a lil' bit like Laura Linney as Abigail Adams.
Once again, as I can't seem to grasp the schematics of hooks and eyes on a 1770s dress, this one closes with pins.  Which probably explains the occasional and grotesque wrinkles.
But it's smooth in this one!
Just the facts:

Pattern: JP Ryan's English/round gown, approximately 1776

Fabric: Silk-faced satin for the dress, linen lining, and a silk brocade for the petticoat.

Time:  An awful long.  I forgot how terrible it is to hand-sew fabric that's this stiff (look at the seeve ruffles stickin' up like icicles.)  Probably 2-3 weeks for both the dress and the petticoat, but I also had loads and loads of APs and finals and recitals to do.

Cost: About $25 for the silk brocade, but the rest is all stash.

Ultimate Prognosis: I really like this dress!  I'm never going to wear it outside, though.  It gets way too dirty way to easily. Just getting it onto my body in a decently clean condition was a trial.  Next time, I am definitely going to summon the courage to do hooks and eyes, and also try to fit the back better.

And I also have a choice photo from the english project that C and I did for our senior final, not only because I made the dress but because I think all of the pictures we took are comedy gold.
My next project will be an underbodice for my sheer, because graduation is literally next week and I still haven't done that yet.  Until then, friends!
(Also, poll: does that brocade 'look' correct?  I might buy more of it but, you know, not if the pattern is off.)

And some more general exciting news!  The lovely Adi from Basically Creative Me has awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award.  I am so honored to be recognized by such a talented seamstress!  I promise that I'll have the requisite questions, responses and nominations up within the week.


  1. Is it bad that I kinda want to see Mr. C in his Regency duds with his neon blue basketball shorts? Also, congratulations on your graduation! Can't wait to see pictures :) *hint hint wink wink*

    1. Hee hee, it was so difficult to do the photos without showing the glaringly obvious anachronism. We had a lot of fun with it though. He was a very bang-up Darcy, all things considered.