Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A new poofy cap

I'm hoping, at this point, that by rite of the sheer volume of my wardrobe I could get an internship at he Margaret Hunter shop in Williamsburg.  And what does every aspiring seamstress need?

A dormeuse cap!
Complete with terrible tee shirt, messy 30 second hair and feverishly red cheeks

The pained grin/grimace
I found a 1 yard x 54" remnant of silk organdy at Vogue and I snatched it up, then used my basic pattern, with a slightly larger caul and a wider back piece (about 2" wider, to get more puff.)  The ruffle is selvedge edge, and the quilling (bloop bloops is definitely the technical term) is half selvedge and half hemmed.  The whole thing is hand sewn, as usual.

Just the facts:

Era: probably later 1770s

Materials: Silk organdy, linen thread, cotton twill tape

Time: About three days = 6 or 7 hours

Pattern:  Kannik's Corner

Verdict:  I really love this cap, and I like seeing how my
work has improved.  The fabric is a lot stiffer and a lot less brilliant white than I thought it would be, but by hair is dark and the stiffness means it holds a fold well, which is nice for roll-hemming.  I also just like the idea of wearing a silk cap - it feels so luxurious.
Look how sheer the fabric is!
 My teeny rolled hem
 Constructed the period correct way - all one layer.

And speaking of luxury, my cheap bottom-of-the-barrel beige jubilee linen/cotton blend came in the mail, so at least I'll have one more underpetticoat/work skirt.  More stuff to work on while sick.


  1. Yeah, they need to like pay you to come intern! Its lovely, and definitely poofy :-) I want one :-D i hope you feel better

    1. Poofy is exactly what I was going for! And I'm thinking of making another (I have so much fabric left over....) so if you have $40 and a vision, let me know.

  2. Oh that is so pretty, Frieda! :) You are really talented! :O Hope you feel better!


    1. Thanks, I'm feeling much better now.