Saturday, September 19, 2015

Petticoats &etc

For the past few weeks I have been working on my 18th century wardrobe- not necessarily glamorous items, but necessary ones; kerchiefs, shifts, rumps, etcetera.  I also made a few petticoats, just to enlarge my wardrobe a little.  I thought I ought to update you all on some of the prettier pieces!

 They're really wrinkled!  But the left one is a striped silk taffeta from Burnley and Trowbridge, the right is a silk gauze made from Vogue organza.
 For my gauze petticoat, I just hemmed a long strip of organza, whip-gathered it and stitched it to the body of the petticoat.  It looks lovely over my peacock blue petticoat, which I once again made from work fabric (I really used my discount vigorously.)

I got a pretty pair of Dunmores!  They're so comfy.
Dark blue crossed with emerald green.
I'm hoping to have some more basics done in the next couple of weeks for my fall events.  In the meantime, more mending, more hemming, more sewing adventures!


  1. Wow, that blue is so pretty! Just curious; how many petticoats do you wear under a dress or overpetticoat? Trying to edumacate myself on colonial clothing, to some degree.

    1. Sure! I just wear a linen underpetticoat (put on before the stays) and a false rump. If it's nippy, a mock quilted petticoat does the trick.