Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This is a wee bit later than my usual time frame!
I got this 1950s pattern on vacation with friends (I got a few more, too, but this was by far the simplest!)  I decided to make the gored skirt with fabric I got from my AP Art teacher last year, some sort of wool-like poly blend.  Unfortunately, the pattern called for 2.5 yards and I had.... 1.25
And thusly an 8 gored skirt became a 4 gored skirt!
 I actually really love this skirt.  It isn't quite so blindingly neon in person, but it's still bright enough to add some personality to an outfit, modern or otherwise.
The blouse, alas, is not my own creation (it's Lauren Moffatt) and the shoes are Campbell's that I got eons ago.  The hairdo is the post-getting-pushed-into-the-boy's-pool look (so fetch!)

It's all machine done except for the hem, which I had to take out and redo by hand.  It was my first time setting in a zipper, what a conceptual nightmare, ugh.  It also closes at the top with a fun little red-white-and-blue button.

The older projects are coming along well.  The stays are troublesome, and I'm almost done with my camp dress.  I have a CW event this weekend so stay tuned for more about that!
Selfie! With fun psd filters.


  1. Oh that's so pretty! I love the way you did your makeup! I wish I could get mine to look like that! lol Nice job. I made a gored skirt once... but it was only out of two gores... :) nice job!

  2. Oh how cute! I love plaid, and gores, and skirts :)! Ah, zippers zippers. I'm still getting the hang of that too. I think on all the zippers I've done I've ended up hand sewing parts of it, 'cause even with the piping/zipper foot, I don't think it sews close enough in the "pull" area. (pull meaning zipper pull...I'm not really sure what to call it). I like how you did your make-up, and I really really (really!) like the shoes! Overall I think you've done a lovely job and I can't wait to see how your CW event goes!
    ~Theresa :)

    1. Haha, thanks! Yeah, I had to take the zipper out a few times because I put it upside down or inside out or something. But then I replaced another zipper on a skirt on the first try afterwards, so I guess it's a pretty steep learning curve there! And yeah, I wore those shoes every day Soph year before I realized that things existed called flats, and they were so, so much more comfortable...