Thursday, September 26, 2013

I had the most lovely dream...

 Pay little mind to this update, your own dear F.F. is very tired and tired of her frothy ballgown and is going to roll about in the dirt some and beat some French soldiers with sticks this weekend, but wants to make a silly post about dresses first!

I was at a grand, sparkling fin-de-siecle ball, hanging on the arm of the Prince of Austria (who looked like Riccardo Mutti, but who apparently was named Charles?) and he was madly in love with me, and there is something so attractive about somebody who was so attracted to you!  He introduced me to all sorts of kings and dignitaries and there was champagne and lots of sparkling lights.
And then we walked outside and saw all of the planets taking up the sky and made references to Supernatural.
I own that I remember the dress even better than the man; a late 1880s dress of dark blue chiffon, with a draped crossover front and a plain skirt and no sleeves... la!  I need to start planning for a dress like that.

And now I am off to bed in the hopes that I will feel less mopey when I wake up.


  1. I only wish real life was as beautiful as our dreams! (actually mine was pretty close to my dream last night! GRRRRR) lol


  2. Lol, that is so funny! Chiffon....everything is lovely when wearing chiffon :D I love the image of the yellow/gold dress...quite stunning. I can't wait to see your silk dress! (with the lots and lots of puffs :))

    1. Isn't it gorgey? I'd love to make myself an 1880s dress at some point, despite my grudging dislike of it, urgh. Especially in that color!
      And I should have pictures up by tomorrow (we have a ball goin' on!) Not too many puffs though, my machine broke so I couldn't sew the overskirt in time :c