Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kid's Champagne

I remember, as a kid, that it wasn't a really classy party until somebody's parents brought kids champagne with them.  It was just a little sweet, and wonderfully frothy, and it made me feel very adult.
And that's what this dress makes me feel like!
This is the yellow silk that I was given as a gift a week or two ago.  Its a really nice light butter yellow, as you can see, and is low-slub dupioni - you can't even tell it's not taffeta unless you're looking.  Like dupioni, however, it is very thin and stiff and crinkly.
I went with a straight waist because it seems like a more youthly style, and it's a nod to the fact that I at first wanted to do a later 1860s dress until I got this fabric.
The idea for the bertha came from this dress - it's cotton organdy on a base of green cotton twill with leftover lace from my 1840s dress and an antique 20s moire millinery ribbon.  I was too lazy to make a back, so now it's just a removable front bertha.  Yay laziness!

The dress was supposed to have an overskirt like this to jazz it up a bit, but unfortunately my machine started acting up a few days ago and I wasn't able to get it done on time.  Well, I still have the fabric, so maybe for next dance...
Mid-dance snack break, credit of Tammy B!

Also, I was having the crappiest week of all crap weeks until I came home and found a dress form waiting for me!  It's lovely (and too large at the waist...) but it will no doubt help me with draping finnicky things.

Also, since people seem to be posting their supplementary sewing diaries, mine is  Feel free to drop a line, but be warned, I curse like an angry sailor on tumblr (it brings out the rebel in me.)
Now! To sew warmies for Minooka!  /flies away/


  1. WOW! lol I love that dress! Don't curse like a soldier... You shouldn't! lol it's very imbred! ;)

  2. I agree with Ruth...don't curse like a sailor! :P This is really've got two southern, strong Christian, girls following the blog of a northern, and telling her that she ought not curse! :D You still like us though, right? :)

    Is there anyway you could link to your tumblr? I would like to go look at it..but it says I have to login and I don't have a tumblr :P.

    But anyways your DRESS IS GORGEOUS!!! :D You do look "adult" in it too :). It's such a soft pretty color, and you've done such a good job on it. I've never heard of a front bertha before, but it seems like a nice idea for us lazies :D It bothers me to wear something that the decoration doesn't go all the way around on tho...just a pet peeve of mine :P. I love the dress!!!
    ~Theresa :)

    1. I love you dearies regardless of creed! I do also like using a colorful vocabulary. Some situations call for a bit of extra punch, in my opinion!
      I didn't factor in other people not having tumblr accounts :c I'll see if I can make it visable.
      Thank you, I do like it very much. And by the time I got to the bertha I was bed bath and beyond done with this dress, and very frustrated with my machine acting up so I forewent it. I might make a back on a rainy fall day, but right now I've got to bust my butt so I don't freeze it off at Dollinger farms in two weeks, erp.

  3. Dear Privatepen,

    Wow! Just, wow. Absolutely everything you make is PERFECT!! I am in awe of your talent! Beautiful. Really, your new ballgown is gorgeous and the color is lovely on you! In every picture (4th and 5th are my favorites) you look so elegant!

    Best wishes,
    Anneliese :)

    P.S. You're in highschool still, yes? (I'm only asking because I am and I love stumbling upon fellow teenage historical costume enthusiasts! Though I wish I could sew nearly as well as you...) You and your reenactor friends must have so much fun! (Now, if only I could find some in my area... :)

    1. Thank you so much! You are ever so kind. This has definitely been one of my more successful pieces, I think!
      And yes, I'm a senior in high school (college apps, urghhhh) and so is my friend C, tho' the rest of our reenacting buddies are in/out of college and thus provide a slightly more mature air to our outings. Yes, I suppose sewing teens are a rare breed indeed, unfortunately!

    2. I'm a senior too :) Good luck on those college applications! Do you know where you want to go and what you want to study?

    3. Thanks, bro, you too! I just applied ED to College of William and Mary last week. Not gonna lie, it's 70% because of Colonial Williamsburg (and of course the school is great, too, but you know.)