Saturday, October 26, 2013

A few simple basics

.. Also, necessitating my making a new corset, erp.
 The first is the chemise (I put my corset on over it because it's a bit risque if I don't.)
Eep, no garters!
 The back fits a lot better then the front (where I sort of had to wing it.) It's wendover cotton, made from Kay Gnagey's Simplicity pattern.  It's all hand sewn except for the side seams.
 I apologize for the comparatively small me in the picture!
Alright, so this isn't 'new' - I started it last year.  I liked yoked petticoats a bit better because it's difficult for me to manage stroked gathers for a lot of fabric and I only had a few yards to make this petti with.
It ended up being way too long, so this week I focused on making a few horizontal tucks to bring it up a bit.  I might end up adding a few more later, but I'll wait until I try it on over the hoop.
Yay little tucks!
Also, doggie pictures and a janked up and rapidly deteriorating corset that will soon be replaced.

And my parents decided to give me my graduation gift a little early...
 An antique edition of Frank Leslie's Magazine from 1856!
 And I mean the whole year's anthology.  This book is an inch and a half thick, full of stories and instructions and illustrations and the ORIGINAL FULL SIZE PAPER PATTERNS!
 And of course, a fashion plate for every month.
I'll probably be adding more pictures over the next couple of updates!
Next up:  a new corset, an 1850s basque bodice, and re-vamping my old 1860s dresses!
Although I am absolutely drooling over this paletot... I have the fur for it, too!


  1. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Such beautiful underthings, Frieda! I love your book! I WANT IT! :P lol I'm so glad that you're happy with it! :D



    1. Thanks! I'm almost afraid to touch it, erp.

  2. I hope this doesn't sound redundant but wonderful gorgeous, lovely! :D!!! The book is absolutely charming...what a nice surprise! I'm curious how they gave it to you....did they just hand it to you or did you like find it laying on your bed or something? that is so cool!!!! :D :D :D
    Your underthings are quite cute, though I can see what you mean about the corset :P. Coutil is coming though! :)
    ~Theresa p.s. I like your hair!

    1. Haha, thanks! I decided to unleash the hair-beast for a little bit. Let it roam around and such.
      My mum just came into my room one day and dropped it on my lap like, 'you might as well get it now so that you can use it before you graduate,' or something to that affect. It was a very nice surprise!
      And yes... At some point I will make a new corset. Merrrrrrrr.

  3. Dear Privatepen,
    Wow, all those fancy little tucks - I love the shape your undergarments give! By the way, your furry companion is too cute! And most of all, I second what everyone else has said about your graduation gift, AMAZING!! Can't wait to see what you make from it...
    Best wishes,
    Anneliese :)
    P.S. Thanks for all of the pattern advice!

  4. Oh I am so envious of your graduation present!! :O Where did your parents find it?
    Your tucks look really nice. :) Ahh, is your dog a schnauzer? In the secound photo of you and your puppy, it looks as though the two of you are singing together. :P

    1. They found it at an antique store near the Vogue that we always go to to get corset boning in the fancy schmancy part of the 'burbs. A lucky find!
      Yeah, she's a schnauzer. I'm definitely not a dog person, but I indulge my parents, who are (the cat is my fat little baby boy!)