Monday, September 16, 2013

Heaps Farm and the trippy camp dress

Well, that event was certainly an.... adventure.  An adventure, meaning that the journey was as worthy as the destination!
It was my first time driving, and between C and I the 1 hour trip was lengthened threefold and I also ran our poor minivan into a wall and dented the fender up.  Whoops!
The event itself is the first of two to happen in Minooka, and if you have a choice, you ought to go to Dollanger instead of Heaps.  The battlefield here was absolutely tiny, which all the menfolk were grumpy about.

 At Ian's behest, we set up a civilian tavern and supplied hot meals, pickles, peaches and booze for a flat fee.  It ended up being a great success that we plan on recreating at Minooka next month!

 Unfortunately, it was very very cold, and a cold me is a cross me.
Me, with a pilfered Anne jacket. V v cold.

My poor dress also needed a fair amount of TLC, given how much we ran around in the dirt and frolicked.
 We also made a midday Walgreens butter run so we could cook our stew-
actively being able to believe that it's not butter

My dress was the cotton print dress from my second-to-last post.  Not particularly unusual, cartridge pleated skirt, gathered at both the bust and shoulders, slightly v-necked so that I could wear a fichu or a collar with it.  And as you can see, the cartridge pleating could have been done more evenly, erp...  Well, there's always next time.
And then after hours, in true tavern form, there was lots and lots of (fake) period gambling.
I'm still waiting on fabric to make my new ballgown, so until then, I am your alls' humble and ob'd. servant!


  1. You look like a doll in that dress! :) It turned out great! (and very trippy! :D)I'm so glad you had a good time at this event too, I wish my bros were old enough to be in the "army" lol, I cant join a regiment until I've got a man somehow involved in the military. :( until then....
    but anyhow, your dress turned out so well! Having a tavern was a neat idea...did you make enough money to cover the expenses of it?
    Poor mini van! :P

    1. The tavern was actually the brainchild of 'my' man in the military, who's a hardcore reenactor and supplied all of the necessaries (and bravely took the cost windfall, although with the fees he ended up making a tidy profit.) We got the idea from Terry Sorches, who runs a Revwar/1812 tavern in the area that's super authentic. It provides a great gathering place and is really nice for reenactors who don't like cooking and washing up!
      And yes, the poor, poor harpmobile. At least my parents are pretty lax about that sort of thing, because it'll be 'my car' once I go to college. If I can live with it, they can!

  2. Poor mini van is right! LOL my bro dented my dad's truck before *smirk* but I got all the Youth Group goers to shut up by pointing out what Rob had done a few days before! LOL yeah.. that dress is adorable! Ummmm... how were YOU serving alcohol! YIKES! xD


    1. How was I serving alcohol? With all the vigor of a period barmaid, that's how! (I had C around to protect my innocent virtue, don't you worry.)
      Yes... I reversed into a wall. It wasn't a very nice drive there. I was very very very cross.